Green Gym Day with Moving For Life!

Every second Sunday of June, Green Gym Day encourages people around the world to get outside and make use of their parks. Moving For Life seized this opportunity to explore these beautiful Manhattan parks that we pass every day and very seldom take the time to enjoy.


MFL brought in routines from the classroom into the shaded patches under the trees. As we got our hearts pumping to music during our dance and stretch breaks, our lungs opened to fresh air while we built our energy from the gentle aerobic movements and enjoyed the pleasure of being around each other. Image

Swindler Cove’s mini waterfall and diverse plant life gave us beautiful sights to enjoy. Along the walk, we appreciated the view over high plunges and from bridges. It made us realise that we often forget the beauty that surrounds us in New York City and the importance of being amongst pure nature.

From the MFL team,  we thank the sponsors whose generosity allow MFL classes to be free in underserved communities as well as the supporters – who came out with glowing smiles and positive energy through our walk, dance and stretch breaks as we keep it moving for a life of health! Image